A recent study released by a national research group and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials shows that elderly drivers have a surprisingly high crash and fatality rate. The number of elderly drivers is predicted to triple in the next 20 years from Ohio car accidents, so studies on this driver demographic are important.
Even though the elderly are an age group that is most likely to be involved in a deadly accident, they are also some of the safest drivers. In 2010, drivers age 24 to 64 were involved in the mostauto accidents: 3,125. Drivers age 16 to 24 were involved in 1,511 accidents and drivers over 65 had the fewest accidents at 950.
Elderly drivers’ accidents are more likely to prove fatal, however, mainly because of the physical characteristics of being older. An accident that may only cause minor injuries to a 30-year old could put an 80-year old in the hospital because older drivers tend to have more fragile bodies and medical conditions that could complicate recovery from an accident.
Many Chicago driving schools offer safety courses for those 65 and over. These courses work with seniors to get them more comfortable with changing traffic laws and norms. In addition to techniques for navigating icy Illinois roads and dealing with other poor driving conditions, one of the most important things that taught in these classes is simply learning to be more comfortable behind the wheel and more aware of the way other people on the road drive.
Seniors shouldn’t have to feel overwhelmed when driving, and many find taking a senior driver safety course to be an enjoyable experience as well as an educational one. A car accident attorney in Cleveland could also answer additional questions.