The post office has made an official decision to suspend service to a trailer park due to dangerous conditions on the premises. The United States Post Office notified the residents of the suspension last week. There were several reasons for the decision, including many off-leash animals, cracked sidewalks, and inaccessible mailboxes.

Conditions like these can often be a problem for property owners beyond a mail suspension. If any post office workers or other visitors are injured by any of the hazards, the owner of the mobile home park may be liable for those injuries. Especially in cases where the owner had notice of the hazard and failed to make the area safe again, injured people may be able to recover significantly for a premises liability action.

Under Wisconsin’s Safe Place Statute, owners and operators of property are held to a higher standard than in other states. The law includes private homeowners.

Some residents are upset about the decision, and others are not surprised. Their mail will be held a post office about a mile away, which has lead to complaints by some residents who lack reliable transportation or who have limited mobility.

The property manager after speaking with a real estate closing attorney has said that he is beginning work to get the property back in to a safe condition for the postal service. A new rule will require owners to keep their pets inside during the day, which will hopefully reduce the risk of a dog bite or other pet related injury.

If you have been injured by unsafe conditions like the ones in this case, contact an attorney in Portland to find out more about your options for recovery.