Just a few years ago, drivers did not have to worry about distracted people behind the wheel, texting and driving at the same time. However with the advancement of technology, more and more drivers are getting into car accidents because they were too busy on their phones to see where they were going.

Many states have begun to ban texting and phone usage for drivers. However, phone use is still causing vehicle accidents despite the different laws that are in place. As a result, there have been several people who have begun developing products that will disable a phone’s calling and texting abilities while the car is running.

This type of technology could help keep roads safer. Parents can use it to help their newly-licensed teenage drivers to focus on the road instead of on texts from their friends. The inventors of these products are hoping that car companies will install them on the vehicles as part of a standard safety feature.

Technology to Take on Texting and Driving

As more detroit car crashes are attributed to phone usage behind the wheel, several different types of technology have emerged to deal with this growing issue.

  • Car safety feature that mutes a cell phone’s ringer, and redirects calls and texts so that they can be checked later
  • Smart phone applications that use GPS navigation to disable a phone’s ability to send and receive calls and texts while it is in motion
  • A device that is installed on the car itself that syncs with cell phones and disables them whenever the car is moving

Distracted driving, which can also include eating while driving, can cause accidents that often lead to serious and even fatal injuries. Though many states have now imposed fines on people who are caught using their phone while driving, car crashes related to phone usage are still a concern. Seek guidance from Tuscon motorcycle accident lawyers to ensure you’re ready to handle these cases.