Though cases of driving while intoxicated are most often seen on the roadways with motor vehicles, citizens in North Carolina should also remember drunk driving charges can happen for boaters.

This is important for those driving boats to remember as summer is just around the corner. As a result, more officials from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, the State Highway Patrol and the Alcohol Law Enforcement Division will attempt to target more drunk boaters.

Checkpoints are expected to take place throughout the water in popular boating areas near the state. Officers have also been trained to be on the lookout for drivers who seem intoxicated around recreation areas.

Upcoming holidays will be the times officers will be especially sensitive to people driving drunk both behind the wheel of a car and a boat. These holidays include the long days of Labor Day weekend, Independence Day weekend and Memorial Day weekend. During this time, the “On the Road, on the Water, Don’t Drink and Drive” campaign will be in full effect.

Summer is a common time for drinking and driving accident which can result in injury and death. More than 900 people sustained injuries and more than 70 died in accidents due to motorists driving under the influence of alcohol.

The commander of the State Highway Patrol said no matter what kind of motorist, all should abstain from drinking and driving. This is a good reminder that people can find themselves facing drunk driving charges outside of when they are operating a car. In the event that a person has been cited for drunk driving, legal assistance may be necessary. Contact Davie personal injury lawyers for attorneys that will fight for you.