Vandalism, theft and deliberate damage are major costs to the transportation provider. It is no longer safe or practical to place the responsibility on the vehicle driver to ensure that the vehicle remains undamaged when in his care, or that the money compartment remains untouched.

As a provider of quality ground transportation services, your priority must be the safety and security of your passengers and staff. This is especially apparent where the safety of school children is concerned. It is a sad fact that threatening behavior and violence are all part of the everyday experience of bus and train users.

Faced with the growing cost of driving and the ever-increasing amount of car accidents, some drivers are starting to trade in their keys. In more populated cities, Uber and lyft have become the go-to mode of transportation for many. However, there are significant limitations. Unless you have a friend or family member willing to lend you a car, renting one can add up as well.

Though trading in your car for ride-sharing doesn’t always pan out to be as cost saving, many feel that it’s worth it due to the safety factor alone. However, an accident attorney in Flint, MI begs to differ. Every month his firm continues to take on more and more cases related to ride-sharing services.