When it comes to the safety of children’s products, there is good news to report and there is bad news. In 2011, the number of children’s items designated as dangerous products and subsequently recalled, dropped an astonishing 24 percent from the previous year. However, there was a seven percent increase in injuries associated with remaining dangerous items.

These statistics were compiled by a safety advocacy group called Kids in Danger, which recently released a report detailing its findings. The report credits the decline in recalls with manufacturer adherence to a newly implemented product safety law.

What is less clear is why the drop in recalls occurred at the same time as injuries spiked from those products which were ultimately deemed unsafe.

Approximately 40 percent of 2011 recalls involved unsafe children’s products. Some of these items, including video infant monitoring systems and bunk beds were only recalled after children died in incidents involving the products.

Unfortunately, even those products which are recalled are often not returned to the manufacturer for a replacement, fix or refund. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) estimates that only 15 to 30 percent of recalled products are properly addressed in this way. As a result, dangerous children’s products remain in the homes of countless Americans.

Parents can help ensure that their children are safe by educating themselves on which products have been recalled and responding to these recalls promptly with Kansas personal injury settlements. They can begin by signing up for recall notifications from the CPSC website and children’s stores where they may be loyalty members. By staying educated, parents can help children stay safe from those few unsafe products which continue to haunt store shelves.